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We’re confident in the teeth whitening products we sell. So confident, in fact, that we put our money where our mouth is. To give you total peace of mind when you purchase our products, we have a guarantee in place you’re sure to love! If your teeth don’t become any whiter after 30 days’ use (following the instructions, of course), hit us up and we will arrange a full refund for you.

Simply take a dated selfie that clearly shows your teeth before you begin to use our whitening products, then take another one after a minimum of two full weeks (14 days) and send them over, and if there are no visible results we’ll organise the cash reimbursement.

GoGo Smile is here to provide you with a no-nonsense teeth whitening solution that works – guaranteed. Giving you the confidence you deserve.

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“Hi Team!
Thanks for such an awesome product!!
I had to wait a while before I could use it as I had to get a few extractions and now couldn’t be happier!!!” Emily, NSW
Teeth whitening results
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Teeth whitening results

Teeth whitening results after one use

Just wanted to show my results from using your product for 7 days.
Thank you so much” Chantelle, QLD

gogo Smile reviews


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Teeth whitening procedures are quite popular in the world of cosmetic dentistry. Many people today choose this method to help brighten their smile. The process focuses on creating whiter teeth by using a bleaching agent, mainly the peroxide compound. While these bothersome stains are generally harmless, nobody would argue that these are not pleasing to the eye. This is probably one of the reasons why the teeth whitening procedure is well-known.


These days, there are two kinds of teeth whitening methods available: the in-clinic approach and at-home approach. The first method is performed in the office of the dentist and displays instant results. The second one uses custom-made trays or whitening kits that can be used in your own home. It takes a bit more time before you see the results. Both of the procedures use peroxide in different levels of strength.


Teeth Whitening Done at Home

In this method, you are given some products to use, often gel kits and strips that are approved and recommended by dental professionals. These at-home products can be obtained over-the-counter, and give satisfactory results. The bleaching kits include teeth whitening trays that are designed to be used on the teeth. Add some gel on these trays, and leave them for a period of time.


The period varies; make sure you know what is ideal for your case. You may need several minutes. It may also require you to stay overnight. You can see visible effects in 7 to 10 days. Despite taking a longer time to give the desired results, the outcome is still similar to what is carried out in the clinic.


Teeth Whitening Done at the Clinic

In this process, it starts with the dentist cleaning the teeth. After that, the dental professional will put a covering in your mouth for the purpose of shielding the gums, lip area, and the inside of your cheeks from the chemical substances used in the mouth. They use a laser device to set off the teeth whitening solution. This bleaching agent is left to stay on the teeth for approximately 20 minutes.


One of the benefits of choosing this method is that you can see the results instantly. At the dentist’s office, it usually takes less than an hour for the entire process to be completed. Also, it is possible to determine the level of whitening that you want your teeth to undergo, while at the clinic. They have an available teeth shade chart for this.


Factors That Impact Teeth Whitening

The majority of the teeth whitening methods are successful, but it is still different from one patient to another. On the other hand, a lot of people experience teeth sensitivity after undergoing the whitening treatment system. In such cases, the dentist advises patients to avoid hot or cold drinks temporarily. Soon after the procedure, the dentist usually gives fluoride solution as a way to reduce the level of sensitivity.


The reality is some people have higher tooth sensitivity compared to others. They react to stimulus in different ways. Seek advice from your dentist if you believe that your teeth are extremely sensitive. The dentist is the specialist that will correctly evaluate your teeth’s sensitivity level. They can recommend the most suitable methods and preparations for teeth whitening.


The Bottom Line

We have reached an era of soft-bristled toothbrushes and new teeth cleaning and whitening chemical-based kits. The main idea is that chemicals are not automatically harmful to the health. With regards to dental care and treatments, we are in the time wherein we thrive in chemicals that are less harmful particularly in cleaning and whitening the teeth.