Auckland’s Most Effective Home Teeth Whitening Kit

New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland is famous for its waterfront, beautiful harbour islands and great restaurants. The city is filled with busy people who need a convenient solution for stained and dull teeth, one that doesn’t cost the earth and can be completed at home without the time commitment of heading to a dental practice. gogo Smile’s teeth whitening system is ideal for the time poor, with treatments taking just 15 minutes each day, for just 2 – 3 days depending on how white you want your teeth to be.

Our treatment enables people to get professional standard whitening without shelling out for an expensive in-clinic procedure. The convenience of our online store and fast, free shipping means that your kit will be delivered to your doorstep in no time. Once your kit arrives you will be able to being right away. Your system will include:

  • Step by step guide
  • LED light
  • Heat and form trays
  • Tray container
  • Whitening gel

 Stress-free teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home

Completely portable, the gogo Smile system enables you to whiten at home, while traveling, in the office at your desk, and anywhere you have 15 minutes to spare. Each kit arrives n a handy carry case, ensuring it is easy to transport without spills or accidents. Store it in your overnight bag or buy two and keep one in your car for whitening power on the go. We remove the need to head to the dentist with our special formulation that is safe to use at home and without professional supervision.

Aucklanders love the convenience of teeth whitening at home

Discover more about our teeth whitening system by getting in touch today. We can answer your questions and queries and provide all the answers you need for an informed purchasing decision. When you order we will deliver your kit straight to your door with our fast, free shipping. We are committed to customer satisfaction and take pride in the high quality of our products and exceptional service.